29-30 January 2019
INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Trieste
Europe/Amsterdam timezone
ASTERICS, within the scope of WP4 (DADI) Task 4.3 and WP3 (OBELICS) Task 3.4.2, organized a face-to-face meeting on the following topics:
  • Authentication&Authorisation
  • Single Sign-On
  • Group Authorisation/Group Management systems
  • Workflow development
  • their relation with the development/upgrade within IVOA standards
Registration is free and will help us organize the meeting.

Program page, logistics information and further material are available here (ASTERICS/DADI dokuwiki).

The A&A meeting was a chance to have a set of experts and interested parties discussing various aspects of the authentication and authorization mechanisms with respect to data and service providing and client access and consuming of the latter in the domain of astronomy and its interoperable framework.
The contributed presentations worked out usages specific of the single organizations as well as depicting more genral scenarios and touching critical points in the open standardization framework provided by the IVOA.
The outcomes of the meeting included:
  • networking different actors (data/service providers, VO experts, federated authentication experts, identity providers and managers, A&A consumers including both web based and programmatic UI developers)
  • solving specific A&A description in the VO framework (e.g. for the TAP protocol)
  • identifying pathways to improve credential delegation and its usage
  • expressing advantages and drawbacks in hiding data and resources behind authentication layers
  • evaluating the risks of having commercial resource vendors provide outsourcing for tasks that, untill now, most research infrastructures provide by themselves
The meeting, even if short and dense, proved important for all the attendees and having dedicated discussion events like this continues to prove efficient with respect to lengthy remote discussions.

Detailed notes from the Meeting can be found on the dokuwiki website for it.
INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Trieste
(Villa Bazzoni building)
Via Bazzoni, 2 34143 Trieste (Italy)
Program and venue details are available at this wiki page (ASTERICS/DADi dokuwiki)