Webinar: J4G (Jupyter For Gamma Astronomy)

This webinar is organized by WP3 OBELICS partner INAF-OACT. j4g (Jupyter for Gamma Astronomy): It is a computational and collaborative environment available at the following url: https://j4g.oact.inaf.it/ .

Access to the url (https://j4g.oact.inaf.it/): A discovery service for granting access to the system beyond the CTA collaboration has been provided. At the very first page you will be asked to choose among CTA or "enter your organization name" . Enter GARR idp311 as organization name (click the arrow on the right ) then enter following test credentials:



It is integrated with the CTA-INAF Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure and with the INAF CTA Science Gateway. J4G is a user-friendly and reproducible computing in an HPC/HTC environment. It provides remote single-user notebooks and it is integrated with the INAF-CTA Authentication and Authorization system. j4g combines a multiuser version of notebook with Gamma Ray Astronomy tools. It makes available user data by deploying Jupyter Notebooks in user space close to user’s data.

Presentation slides are available on  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1W4L8vTeOp4NYIVXLFs-c-KlE3gW0qzDvdN4N_s0bes4/edit?usp=sharing

  • Aard Keimpema
  • Alessandro Costa
  • Daniel Morcuende
  • Eva Sciacca
  • Jaime Rosado
  • Jayesh Wagh
  • John Hoang
  • Richard McMahin
  • Tamas Gal
    • 1
      General introduction to J4G
      Speaker: Dr Alessandro Costa
    • 2
      Technical introduction
      Speaker: Dr Fabio Vitello
    • 3
      Live Demo J4G
      Speaker: Dr Cesare Scalia
    • Q&A session